Colorful Marigny with Cherise Charleswell

It was early fall 2018 in one of the most beautiful and colorful cities, in my opinion, in the U.S. And I was enjoying my new digs in the middle of the Marigny when my friend, Cherise, was feeling a need to scratch her travel itch by getting out of L.A. and coming to visit me in NOLA.

I was preparing to relocate once my contract with FB was up in January and I wanted to spend a few weeks in NOLA to see if it would be my new home. So, Reese, wanted to explore the city with me as well as use my newly acquired photography skills, I was still learning how to adjust the lighting dials, to snap her in her outfits she had custom made in South Africa.

The Marigny is a ten – fifteen minute walk to the French Quarter and it is known for its colorful shotgun houses throughout the neighborhood. So we decided to utilize them as backdrops against her colorful African printed wardrobe. I decided to use my eye to find houses whose colors complemented and sometimes matched the colors in her outfits and below is the results.

┬ęPhotos subject to copyright laws. All photos by Tanisha Everett.


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