Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand with Stephanie Nana

Stephanie and I met at Shri Kali Ashram in Koh Pha-Ngan and immediately hit it off. She was like the cousin from France I never had. Because she is a Reiki Master and a budding traditional Tantric, we decided to do some pics at Hat Rin Beach, where the Full Moon Parties take place, using the ebb and flow of the tides to demonstrate the flow of energy she uses when doing reiki.

We also took pictures at Le Palais hotel. A hotel that took ten years to build to look like a replica of Angkor Wat, a very sacred place in Cambodia, built by migrating Hindus from southern India, to replicate her sacred journey as a student of tantra.

Enjoy this sacred journey through these pictures.

┬ęPhotos subject to copyright laws. All photos by Tanisha Everett.


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